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àuricA Rosato
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The Wine

Crystal clear and brilliant rosé wine. Pleasant taste and excellent balance between acidity, flavour and softness deriving from the grape variety. Persistent and refreshing, it reveals hints of cinchona and peach. A complete wine that combines the sacred with the profane, rationality with instinct.
First Vintage: 2022

At the table

Gourmet cuisine, colourful pastas seasoned with tasteful sauces, elaborated fish courses, white meats, cooked summer Mediterranean vegetables paired with local cheeses.

Grapes tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole Grapes tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole

The Grapes

Grape variety: Syrah

Field tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole

In the winery

Vinification: vinification in stainless steel tanks
Alcohol content: 12% vol.

Winery tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole