Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari Tenute
Ambrogio and Giovanni Folonari
Heirs of a history that spans two centuries

Wines since the late 1700s

Innovation, creativity, research and respect for diversity are the founding values ​​of this family with a long history of generations.

The origins

The progenitor Lorenzo Folonari, born in Valtellina in 1729, moved the family to Val Camonica, an area destined to become the cradle of a lineage of entrepreneurs who will link their name to Brescia entrepreneurship first through trade and then with the production of wine.

19th century

In 1882 the brothers Italo and Francesco Folonari moved the headquarters of the company then called Fratelli Folonari from Val Camonica to Brescia and, about 10 years later in 1911, they bought the historic Tuscan winery Ruffino, known for its distribution in Italy and in the abroad of Chianti Classico bottled in traditional wine flasks wrapped in straw.

The 60s

In the early sixties Nino Folonari, son of Italo, chooses to abandon mass production to devote himself to quality production.
Nino was responsible for the purchase of the estates located in Greve in Chianti: the Tenuta del Cabreo bought in 1967 and the Tenuta di Nozzole in 1971.

Recent history

In 2000 Ambrogio and Giovanni Folonari, respectively son and grandson of Nino, founded the Ambrogio and Giovanni Folonari Tenute company consisting of five owned estates distributed in the areas of Tuscan excellence, those most suited to wine production. In the footsteps of Nino, Ambrogio and Giovanni still carry out an important project of revaluation of the territory and its diversity, investing in the estates and focusing on the production of quality wines, elegant, with character and strongly linked to the territory.