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Le Bruniche
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The Wine

Le Bruniche is a fresh, floral and mineral white wine made from Chardonnay grapes grown on Tenuta di Nozzole in the vineyards with a northern exposure in the area closest to the River Greve, characterised by very important temperature variations between day and night.
Tasting: 2022 vintage is distinguished by smells of apple, apricot, peach and melon. Immediate and pleasant mouthfeel sensations of softness and creaminess. Clean and fresh finish.

Pairing: Villa di Nozzole suggests to pair it with salted cod, potatoes, capers and stuffed tomatoes
First Vintage: 1986
Shelf life: Up to 3 years

The Field

Production area: wine made from grapes grown on vineyards located in the most suitable Tuscan wine-growing areas and from grapes grown on our vineyards of Tenuta di Nozzole in Greve in Chianti

Field tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole

The Grapes

Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay
Planting pattern: 4,000 – 4,500 plants per hectare
Production per hectare: on average 8 tons of grapes
Grape yield: 70%

Grapes tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole Grapes tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole

In the winery

Vinification: reductive white winemaking after cold static decantation, thermo-controlled fermentation at 18 ° C in steel vats.
Aging: “sur lie” (on the lees) for about 6 months

Winery tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole

Tenuta di Nozzole

The Chianti Classico wines of Tenuta di Nozzole are all made from 100% Sangiovese grapes and differ from each other according to the barrels used in the aging step.