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Montecucco Sangiovese

<p>Montecucco Sangiovese</p>

Montecucco Sangiovese

The Wine

A 100% Sangiovese from the Tuscan Maremma within the Montecucco DOCG appellation and aged in French toasted oak barrels. A complex and firmly structured wine thanks to the good pedo-climatic features of Vigne a Porrona which lies on the gentle hills on the slopes of Mount Amiata a few kilometres from the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The 2015 vintage reveals hints of red berried fruits, cloves, Mediterranean scrubland and spices. The mouthfeel is round and the sip is juicy with a fruity finish.

The Field

Field tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole

The Grapes

Grapes tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole Grapes tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole

In the winery

Winery tenuta Tenuta di Nozzole
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La Tenuta di Nozzole

The Chianti Classico wines of Tenuta di Nozzole are all made from 100% Sangiovese grapes and differ from each other according to the barrels used in the aging step.