Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari Tenute
Amatissime. Belowed recipes from an Tuscan Family Estate.

Amatissime. Belowed recipes from an Tuscan Family Estate.

A journey through the cuisine of a great wine family.

Giovanna Folonari‘s book “Amatissime. Belowed recipes from an Tuscan Family Estate“, is available again. The book tells the culinary secrets, the art of hospitality and the authentic traditions of a great wine family.

A double event.

The 60 years of marriage of the author with Ambrogio Folonari, dean of Italian winemakers, are the occasion for the new edition of the book.

Giovanna Folonari.

Giovanna Folonari has transformed the art of hospitality and cooking into the true thread of her life, opening her homes to friends and giving life to cooking classes for enthusiasts and beginners in the seventeenth-century setting of the Villa di Nozzole. Thanks to these occasions and the curiosity of friends and students who wished to prepare Giovanna’s menus, the idea of creating a cookbook, in which to collect the heritage of emotions and memories, was born.

The first edition of “Amatissime”.

The first edition of the book has fixed on paper family recipes once written by hand, new experiments, menus for best friends, culinary traditions of the most loved territories, giving life to a real journey through the history of Folonari family and the Italian culinary tradition. The influences range from the Nordic traditions of Giovanna’s origins, to Ambrogio’s home town, Brescia, up to the food and wine culture of the Chianti hills, the family’s adopted land.

The new edition of “Amatissime”.

The new edition was edited by her daughter Angelica Folonari but supervised by the author herself, Giovanna, who wanted the book to be faithful to the first edition. The book shows a more modern graphic layout and is enriched with thoughtful advice for pairing with the wines of Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari Tenute. The volume is completed by 12 menus in which a choice of recipes is proposed according to the season, because, as Giovanna says: “In Chianti, the seasons frame our tables, giving colours and scents of a landscape that is unique in the world”.

Ambrogio and Giovanni Folonari Tenute and Tuscany

Ambrogio and Giovanna have placed the roots of their family in Tuscany, and right here the Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari Tenute company was born, which includes the most suitable wine areas of the region, from Tenuta di Nozzole and Tenute del Cabreo located in the Chianti Classico area, to Tenuta La Fuga in Montalcino, up to the estates of Campo al Mare in Bolgheri and Vigne a Porrona in Maremma.

The facilities managed by Giovanna Folonari.

There are also five accommodation facilities within the estates: the seventeenth-century Villa di Nozzole, the two luxury residences, Casavecchia di Nozzole in the Chianti Classico area and La Fuga in Montalcino and the two charming relais Borgo del Cabreo and Pietra del Cabreo. The latter two are born directly from Giovanna’s inspiration and her own ability to see the beauty of an ancient village and a farm building and therefore enhance them by creating hospitality structures characterised by a unique elegance.